Definately Rockbottom Staffosfera "Denis"

deniswd2014.jpg Born: 8.7.2013

 Hips (HD): B/B

 Elbows (ED): 0/0 (best)

 Knees: 0/0 (best)

 Eyes: Healthy (one extra eyelash)

 L2-HGA Gen. Clear & HC Gen. Clear

 Mentality Test: -

 Owner: Lotta Kokkila & Laura Kokkila


 Photo by: Anni Palola 


Denis is not available for stud use. He has a small part missing from the caudal (=bottom) part of the cerebellar vermis. This is possibly due to him bumping/crashing into a gate as a puppy but a hereditary problem can not be ruled out either.

  Copyright (c) Lotta Kokkila